STS Black 0.047x24x50 W/1905 Adhesive

/STS Black 0.047x24x50 W/1905 Adhesive

STS Black 0.047x24x50 W/1905 Adhesive


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DuraSurf™ STS is a revolutionary product in that it not only possesses a Silicone Treated Surface, but is also available with an adhesive backing for easy installation. The very low coefficient of friction provides a lubricated surface that is virtually maintenance free. DuraSurf™ STS is an ideal solution for many applications in the package handling industry: chute linings, slider beds, slides, spirals and numerous other areas where packages can get lodged or damaged. DuraSurf™ STS also helps reduce jamming and keeps packages moving smoothly to their ultimate destination. DuraSurf™ STS is also static dissipative to prevent static shocks and potential damage to bar coding systems. DuraSurf™ STS is uniquely available with an adhesive backing to provide easy installation and eliminate the need for mechanical fastening.

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Silicone Based UHMW

Thickness: 0.047 inches

Width: 24 inches

Length: 50 feet

1% Black w/White Backing & 1905 (Acrylic) Adhesive

Note: Material may have slight cooling haze spots, but they are only cosmetic. 

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Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 24 in


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