Our DuraSurf™ line of UHMW products are an excellent solution where materials rub against each other and create noise or wear during movement that might compromise the function and/or life of the materials.

Auto cutaway

DuraSurf™ UHMW offers the greatest value/performance characteristics over the life/warranty of the vehicle when compared to products of lesser quality and durability. DuraSurf™ UHMW is tested to all of the major automotive specifications including GM9985804, GM6419M, Ford ESB-M3G123-B and Chrysler MS-CH612.


DuraSurfRail Wear Pads offer improved performance, Rail wear pad


• Reduced force displacement

• Reduced shock and vibration

• Improved load distribution

• Improved durability for ties and fasteners

• Reduced service downtime

• Improved stability in the track system

• Water resistance

• UV protection

The incredible durability and versatility of DuraSurf TM UHMW-PE makes it a favorite among engineers and designers in nearly every industry worldwide. UHMW-PE’s long molecular chain gives it a host of exceptional attributes: high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and unparalleled impact resistance, even in cryogenic environments.

CrownPlasticsDuraSurf™ ASC-UV is an anti-static/conductive UV-stabile UHMW-PE blend. Possessing the highest level of conductivity in the industry (with a surface resistivity of 102 -103),DuraSurf™ ASC-UV protects against static build up that occurs in powder conveying and dust collection and provides discharge protection in electronics, appliances, mail sorting equipment, copiers, printers and computers.

DuraSurf ASC-UV (PDF)

DuraSurf ASC-UV (Spanish) (PDF)

Crown Plastics DuraSurf ™ BSR tapes are specifically designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry to help eliminate Buzz, Squeak and Rattle issues with auto interiors. DuraSurf™ BSR helps eliminate wear and noise between dissimilar materials, eliminate warranty issues, allow movement in adjoining parts, protect painted surfaces, reduce marring and help extend vehicle life. Tapes are easily die-cuttable and can fit into existing designs. The DuraSurf™ BSR tapes are tested to all of the major automotive specifications including GM9985804, GM6419M, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, Chrysler MS-CH612 and GMW 16879.

DuraSurf BSR (PDF)

DuraSurf BSR (Spanish) (PDF)

Crown Plastics standard line of Easy-To-Apply wear strips and adhesive backed tapes. Each tape product offers the excellent abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, high impact strength and high performance people have come to expect from UHMW. By providing this exceptional material with an adhesive backing, installation time and costs are significantly reduced. No need for bolts or fasteners, no need to countersink.

DuraSurf ETA (PDF)

DuraSurf ETA (Spanish) (PDF)

CROWN Plastics CEA is a cushioning and energy absorbing material suitable for gasket and weather stripping applications, as well as linings for sound abatement and energy absorption requirements. CROWN Plastics CEA is offered as Santoprene™ or EPDM with a bonding layer and a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives.

CROWN Plastics CEA

Transportation Brochure (PDF)

Rail Brochure (PDF)

DuraSurf Rail Cushion Assembly (PDF)

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