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Because of its incredible abrasion and impact resistance, UHMW-PE has long been a preferred plastic in snowboard wakeboard sports design and engineering. Later, as new UHMW-PE formulations reached designers, customized products designed to enhance performance and offer unique graphic presentation were developed. 

Many of these advances have been pioneered by Crown Plastics. 

NOW, Crown’s DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE is the favorite choice for snowboard, ski and snowskate manufacturers worldwide for durable, fast, high-performance base material. High impact resistance and ready machinability also allow DuraSurf™ to be used as tip fill and sidewall, while high-bond capability and light structural weight makes DuraSurf™ a great topsheet.

TODAY, innovations in water sports like wakeboarding and kiteboarding are creating new opportunities for DuraSurf™!

Since 1991, Crown Plastics standard product has become the industry standard for sintered base material. In that time, nearly every snowboard produced in North America using screen printed sintered base has been made with DuraSurf™ 2001. As the leader and driving force behind the colored base phenomenon, DuraSurf™ 2001 is currently available in over 130 Pantone colors, with complete Pantone color matching capability available including fluorescents and metallics.

DuraSurf 2001 (PDF)

As an alternative to high priced, non-durable high carbon formulas, DuraSurf™ 2001 DuraJet provides a blacker, faster alternative to our standard black base, without surrendering it’s durability. The extremely high grade carbon also eliminates “bleeding” into other colors in die cut bases.

DuraSurf 2001 DuraJet

A higher molecular weight version of our standard product, DuraSurf™ 4001 takes an already industry-best durability to an even greater level. Without a doubt the toughest material on the hill, DS4001 is the choice of the most extreme riders!

DuraSurf 4001 (PDF)

For manufacturers and riders who have their own idea of what they want in a board, DuraSurf™ A la Carve allows you to choose from a wide menu of colors, patterns and additives. You order it … and we prepare it!

DuraSurf A la Carve

DuraSurf™ E801 is a high transparency HDPE extruded running surface with a molecular weight of 300,000 g/mole for silkscreen printing for ski and snowboard construction.

DuraSurf E801 (PDF)

DuraSurf™ E901 is an extruded HDPE running surface with a molecular weight of 500,000 g/mole for pigmented base in ski and snowboard construction.

DuraSurf E901 (PDF)

DuraSurf™ SW 2001 is a sintered UHMWPE sidewall material with a molecular weight of 2,300,000+ g/mole used in ski and snowboard construction.

DuraSurf SW 2001 (PDF)