Crown Plastics’ unique processing advantage is its ability to manufacture thin-gauge, custom composites with a thermoplastic polymer matrix.

Thermoplastic polymers are medium-to-high molecular weight, long-chain polymers that are either amorphous or semi-crystalline in structure. Reinforced with glass, carbon, aramid or metal fibers, these polymers yield thermoplastic composites that are tough, resist chemical attack, and have a long shelf life*.

Composite machine

Crown’s composite production system uses continuous compression at high temperature and pressure. With processing widths up to 60 inches, Crown’s system is capable of handling both small-scale and full-width prototypes – all within the same system.

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*Thermoplastics are recyclable and emit little to no VOC’s, giving them significant environmental advantages over traditional thermosets.

CROWN Plastics CEA is a cushioning and energy absorbing material suitable for gasket and weather stripping applications, as well as linings for sound abatement and energy absorption requirements. CROWN Plastics CEA is offered as Santoprene™ or EPDM with a bonding layer and a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives.

CROWN Plastics CEA (PDF)

Composites Brochure (PDF)]

Demonstration Videos for Composite Applications