DuraSurf™ Return Roller dBR (Patent Pending)

The DuraSurf™ dBR Return Roller (Patent Pending) Utilizes DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE roller material and contains no metal bearings that create noise and contribute to wear failure over time. The DuraSurf™ dBR Return Roller (Patent Pending) has proven to be a significant aide in reducing noice levels well below the 90 dBA maximum permissible exposure limit set by OSHA.

Product CodeDescriptionRod
CR09987Crown Roller Assemby 42.75"1.9" Roller (1) Chrome Rod 42.75" Long w/ tapped ends
CR09990Crown Roller Assemby 60.625"1.9" Roller (1) Chrome Rod 60.625" Long w/ tapped ends
CR10092Crown Roller Assemby 61.81"2.125" Roller (1) Chrome Rod 61.81" Long w/ D-Key end
CR10094Crown Roller Assemby 61.50"2.5" Roller (1) Chrome Rod 61.50" Long w/ tapped end
CR10178Crown Roller Assemby 43.813"2.125" Roller (1) Chrome Rod 48.813" Long w/ D-key end