Crown Plastics Co., Inc., headquartered in Harrison, Ohio (Cincinnati) in a 55,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility, has been delivering advanced thermoplastic solutions since 1973.  In 2008 Crown Plastics expanded internationally with the addition of a manufacturing operation in Xiamen, China.

Crown Plastics is the world leader in the manufacturing of thin gauge UHMW polyethylene due to our unique process of continuous compression molding.

We have the distinction of being the only producer of UHMW in continuous rolls with stock gauges from 003″ up to .125″ and in any length (stock rolls are 100′ and 200′ coils). Crown can also slit material to any width including Metric between 1/4″ and 24″ thereby eliminating waste and extra fabrication on the part of the customer. This process also allows us to be the only source for all of these gauges in a bondable form, thereby allowing UHMW to be used in a variety of applications where mechanical fastening isn’t feasible. This gives us tremendous flexibility in the marketplace in a variety of industries such as transportation, material handling, food processing, agriculture, recreation, printing and packaging and many other hi-tech engineering applications. Crown Plastics Company has mastered the art of surface treatment of UHMW to accept adhesives thereby opening up a wide range of opportunities to apply UHMW. UHMW is available with a pressure sensitive system (peel and stick) or Treated For Bonding where the UHMW is abraded on 1 side and oxidized thereby allowing UHMW to be bonded using epoxies or contact cements. Crown stocks a wide variety of adhesive system in rubber and acrylic to meet the wide range of demands in the market.

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