Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater. Treatment facilities for both sewage and industrial effluent pose challenging environments. Solid waste is corrosive and abrasive. Toxic chemicals exist in manufacturing industries including: mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and semi-conductor. The processing of this effluent also exists in a moisture laden environment.

These environmental challenges create problems for metal parts.  Gaskets, sprockets, rollers, fittings, wear pads, etc. need to be durable to keep the treatment operation running smoothly and efficiently.  Metal parts simply cannot withstand these harsh environments when compared to the benefits of parts machined from UHMW-PE.

Crown Plastics UHMW-PE is both corrosive and abrasive resistant and will not absorb water and most chemicals yielding less downtime and reducing on-going repairs.  It also has a longer wear life than steel and costs less to replace parts than steel. Crown Plastics UHMW-PE sheets can also be used to line catch basins to keep solid materials moving freely.

Crown Plastics can generate parts in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the requirements of your customer.

Excellent opportunities exist to offer solutions using Crown Plastics UHMW-PE to meet their requirements of these wastewater treatment applications.

Crown Plastics has dedicated itself to servicing the needs of it’s customers with high quality, competitively priced products produced and shipped quickly and conveniently.

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