Skate wheel conveyors are used in many material handling operations.  Skate wheel conveyors are promoted as a good choice when compared with the maintenance and repair of power conveyors. However, skate wheel conveyors have their own set of problems that UHMW applications can readily solve.

Skate wheels require constant inspection and can be easily damaged. Individual wheels can be physically damaged and are susceptible to moisture, dust and other foreign matter affecting the entire efficiency of the line causing increased downtime. Additionally, skate wheel conveyors are not suitable for objects such as pails, drums or have irregular bottoms.

A simple, yet effective solution is to the lay down sections of sheet metal on top of the skate wheels.  Adhered to the top of the sheet metal is thin gauge Crown Plastics DuraSurf™ STS. STS with its low coefficient of friction keeps objects moving smoothing.  STS is very durable and long lasting significantly removing the on-going maintenance and replacement costs associated with skate wheels.

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