Parcel handling facilities have a wide range of chutes from straight chutes and spiral chutes (twist round a middle point), to sorting chutes and primaries.  These chutes are used with a wide range of parcels with different sizes and weights.  If the chute is not steep enough, or if there are flat sections in the chute, parcels may stop and block the chute.  If the chute is too steep, parcels tumble and fly off the bottom of the chute, perhaps injuring an operator.

Crown Plastics suggests optimizing the speed and design of chutes with 2 different types of materials.  One is designed to make the chute go faster. The other will slow down the chute.

  • CROWN Plastics CEA is a cushioning and energy absorbing material. CEA is a braking matte.  Crown Plastics CEA can be applied to the complete chute or just the lower end of these chutes, to slow parcels down.   CEA is made with Santoprene™, a strong material with a high coefficient of friction to slow parcels down.  It includes a strong glue adhesive backing, so it can be put in like a tape or sticker.  Depending on the situation, CEA may last for years.
  • Crown Plastics DuraSurf™ STS is used to make parcels flow down faster. STS is very  smooth, with a low coefficient of friction similar to “Teflon”. STS is often put at the top of chutes, on flat areas, or outer parts of spiral chutes to prevent parcels from stopping and tumbling.  Like CEA, STS has an adhesive (glue) backing and lasts for years.

Crown Plastics CEA and DuraSurf™ STS are often used together to slow bigger parcels while keeping smaller parcels moving.

As each chute is different, Crown Plastics provides expert installation design and training to ensure a good outcome for the customer.

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